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Have Fun, Swim Better

Struggling with form issues?

Drill Deck includes over 30 swim drills designed to correct common form issues.

Struggling with motivation?

For the mermaid-challenged, getting in the pool is the hard part. Drill Deck creates a fun, spontaneous, and unique workout every time you get in the pool.

Swim training is simple … right?

Step One

Get in the pool on a regular basis.

Step Two

Attempt to remember and use dozens of swim drills.

Step Three

Push yourself with regular intervals to build strength and endurance.

Step Four

Stay motivated and just keep swimming.

Seems straight forward.


The execution can be awfully confusing and demotivating.

Coaches are expensive. Clinics and classes are inconvenient.

You need a convenient, waterproof tool to help you execute these steps.

One that is always with you, fun to use, and challenges you – every single time you train.

Drill Deck is built on the crazy idea that fun workouts are done workouts.

Swim Drills

Want a preview of the drills in Drill Deck? Every swim drill is available right here.

Fun Training Advice

We’ve got tri/life balance advice and training guidance that might just save your sanity.

What Our Customers are Saying

If you get bored easily by drills (like me!) or want to learn some new drills to work on speed, stroke, body positioning and more this is a super fun “game” to have handy!

– @trirun_twinmom

Played with our @drilldeck for the first time this week and ohhh maaaan! Not only was it a fun way to mix up our workout but it took us out of our comfort zone and kicked our butts.

– @thetrifamily

This training aid/game brought some serious fun to the pool today!


Simply said … AWESOME!

– @shellyflipntri

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The fun, easy way to build a new workout every single time you get in the pool.
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